It wasn’t elementary, my dear Watson.

During that Saturday's late-night happy hour, my close friend Marta did not look happy in our favorite Amsterdam bar. She and I were sitting totally hammered with nothing more to talk about.

Blue Marta Turning Red Marta

She stood up without much enthusiasm and went to the restroom — again. After 10 minutes, she came…

MIA — Ghost Protocol

Ghosting is to avoid attention, whereas unghosting is to seek attention

You love ghosts so much that you decide to become one. You’re not scared to ghost the girl you’ve dated, your friend, and/or your hot and cold crush. You’re thinking about ghosting your family too — because why not?

If you’re someone who loves to romanticize everything, here’s something for…


It’s not Emma Watson but she's next on my radar

Last summer, I went to Iceland for 25 days of vacation like any super-rich person would do. Although I’m far from being rich, you wouldn’t be able to tell when you look at me or the things I do. I wouldn’t blame you because my own family can’t tell.



A new study urges never to underestimate earthlings

EARTH — According to a new study published in The Journal Of Paradox-Free Time Travel this week, ahead of their time movies had always been written and directed by people from the future.

There was a hypothesis made during the study:

People weren't able to comprehend these innovative movies so…


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