All The Simple Things I Do To Eradicate Overthinking

Peace, to me, is more important than happiness

8 min readApr 6, 2023


Photo by Dvine Yoga from Pexels

I never thought I would say this to you. You may have been underthinking — how to stop overthinking. Ironically, I’ve done the overthinking part for you for this billion-dollar question. If I were you, I would think why that is ironic right now. OR is that hypocritical of me? (Yes, I watch Ted Lasso.)

On a serious note, are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?

On a seriously serious note, I have genuinely no idea what I’m thinking, let alone what you’re thinking. If you think this is another satirical article that intends to mock humans and our culture, I’m deeply sorry to disappoint you. Because, for once, I wanted to have a real talk — I think?

Nobody has ever escaped from anxiety attacks in the history of mankind — and womankind. We can’t help but overthink a lot, especially for things that truly don’t matter at all in the grand scheme of things. After some serious self-reflection and a lot of reading lately, I’ve been practicing several simple yet effective methods to find proper peace.

If you’re now thinking “Who do you think you are?” let me explain.


I’ve heard many people say, “I’ve tried meditation. It doesn’t work for me.” Let me tell you something nobody has told you before. Meditation is not as same as medication.

If you take Paracetamol once, you can make your fever disappear. If you meditate once, you can’t possibly expect to stop your panic attacks and anxiety. Meditation helps you in the long run. You must meditate consistently. It can be five to ten minutes a day — twice, or even once. But, make it a habit. Get addicted to it. You’ll see the results — better than you desired.

Many of the big fishes in the world meditate — regularly. That’s how they don’t lose their shit, even when there’s chaos all around them.

When you meditate, you truly begin to live in the moment. You’re gaining self-control. Live in the moment, like the Northern lights.

On second thought, medication takes time, too.