Everything We Currently Know About Penguins

They absolutely suck at sitting idle

3 min readOct 16, 2022


Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata from Pexels

You have to be heartless not to love the world’s cutest animal — penguins. Let’s find out — if you have a flipping heart.

Penguins cannot see the color red

They are stoics.

Penguins poop every twenty minutes

They don't understand how constipation works.

Their feet are designed to walk long distances

They absolutely suck at sitting idle.

Their feet are also designed to help them steer while swimming

They can operate ships.

Due to their solid bones which reduce buoyancy, they can fly underwater

They can also operate submarines.

Although they have wings (flippers), they cannot fly in the air because of their heavy solid bones

They cannot operate planes.

They are primarily black and white while some are brown and white

Image Credit: Australian Antarctic Program

They stand against racism and inequality.

Male penguins gift female penguins with pebbles to woo them

SURPRISE! Male penguins are pathetic.

Their atypical flat cornea helps them to see immaculately even when they’re underwater

They don’t require prescription glasses.

Their streamlined body design helps them swim — lightning fast

They can beat Michael Phelps’ ass in their sleep.

Some penguins can dive up to 530m, like a walk in the park




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