How I Learned To Say “Anything For You” And How Am I Using It So Far

My life is so much fun by using these three simple yet powerful words



When in Rome, literally | Image Credit : Author

My friend Maria and I were working together on a PowerPoint presentation on Climate Change at our Norwegian University. I love climate change. Don’t take this the wrong way. I don’t love that the climate is changing. I just love to write and talk about climate change to create awareness. I firmly believe creating awareness could eradicate global warming for good. No, you are delusional for not believing that.

I’m like the great Greta Thunberg nobody knows. Who am I kidding? Greta Thunberg overshadowed even the famous Leonardo DiCaprio in talking about climate change. Who am I, really?

Maria, out of the blue, stood up and said, “Let’s take five. UGH! I need coffee.” She waited for me to respond.

I replied after some spontaneous thoughts, “If you say so. But I don’t feel like getting up. UGH! Could you get me a croissant? Chocolate. On second thought, get me two. One Chocolate. One Berries and Cream. And it’s snowing. You know what that means. A hot chocolate, too. Also, one banana. Yellow banana, preferably. Thanks!”

She looked at me, probably thinking, “The café is literally two hundred meters away.”