I like to argue, too. First of all, WOW! Never saw this coming. On second thought, I am not gonna list my arguments.

This is nuts, even for me. I don't honestly deserve this hype. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your thoughts, efforts and time though. You are incredibly kind, Ani! I will remember this amazing gesture for a long time. Coming from person/writer of high caliber, it means the world to me.

You are a serious talent. I hate to see someone's efforts go to waste. Nothing to do with the fact that this story is all about ME, but your intelligent and convincing writing made me think, "Who is this Srini? He must be really not trash then!"

Know that you always have my support on and off the community. I can never give a shout out this good for anyone. I would always feel it can never do justice for their reputation and I would hate to downplay someone. But, boy, have you overplayed here!

On a lighter note, there are several hilarious people I love here. I am constantly learning something from everyone.

Thank you SO much again for everything!

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